Welcome to the PyHDX web server

The PyHDX web application allows users to upload and process HDX-MS datasets.
PyHDX calculates relative fractional uptake (RFU) values, as well as ΔG of exchange and differential dynamics (ΔΔG).

For more details please read our paper in Analytical Chemistry or refer to the documentation for more practical usage guidelines.

On our GitHub page you can find information on the latest releases, upcoming features, report bugs and request features, or contribute to PyHDX development by submitting a Pull Request.

If you found PyHDX useful for your work, please cite us:
Smit, J. H., Krishnamurthy, S., Srinivasu, B. Y., Parakra, R., Karamanou, S., & Economou, A. (2021). Probing Universal Protein Dynamics Using Hydrogen–Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry-Derived Residue-Level Gibbs Free Energy. Analytical Chemistry, 2021, 93, 12840–12847. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.1c02155

Available applications:

  • Main: Full analysis pipeline including ΔG and ΔΔG values
  • Peptide: Simulate peptide D-uptake
  • RFU: Only relative fractional uptake, derived from FD and ND control samples